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After reviewed both series of Alphacool NexXxos Pro and Xtreme, today I would speak about one of the newest of 3 radiators series from this German company and I’m talking about  the new NexXxos UT60.

Alphacool awakened after a period of sleep without news in the radiators production, they was stopped on oldest radiators series and no more competitive against the newer radiators of their competitor .
The update sees birth 3 new series the first one is the ST30 is characterized by a thickness of 30 mm and it take a place alongside the oldest NexXxos Pro, the XT45 is the second and have a thickness of 45 mm and it is placed near the oldest NexXxos Xtreme, at the end we find the newest UT60 designed to fight against the competitors better performance radiators in the market.
The segment of 60 mm radiators absolutely represents the market share where the end user put they major attention: the possibility to have highest performance with a low RPM fans and greater noise reduction, this is possible with a specify designed radiator with low density fins and highest thickness that allows a larger dissipation surface area and high heat transfer.
The Alphacool is showing us, especially in recent months how are paying attention in customers needed and this new UT60 series is a confirmation, with some nice features that we analyze step by step during this review.


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