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    EN: Spire introduces the Archer I : Ergonomic computer mouse.

    Did you know that one in six workers are suffering from some form of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, mostly related to intensive use of a traditional computer mouse?
    As part of our new ergonomic computing product line, Spire is rolling out products which will make your long hours of computing more comfortable and better for your well being. The Archer I is shaped in a way that the position of your arm, elbow and wrist is under less stress then with traditional mice on the market. The Archer I supports your hand and allows for you palm to rest on the mouse. Finger button placement and location are designed to the fullest care for detail and prevent your fingers from hovering over the buttons like on a traditional mouse. The Archer I is equipped with a sturdy scroll-wheel that literally lasts for millions and millions of times. Connectivity is made simple through the 1.5m long USB USB2.0/3.0. cable.
    Quality and efficiency guaranteed, backed by our solid 2 year warranty and service program.
    Main Features:
    * Arched, vertical design
    * Ergonomic comfort
    * Button placement to reduce finger stress
    * Large palm rest, better arm position
    * Suitable for long computing hours
    * 5D Optical sensor for better accuracy
    * Backed by 2 years manufacturer warranty
    MSRP: Part number: SP-M4001-USB codenamed: Archer I Manufacturer suggested retail price USD 19.99 / EURO 16.95 (EX VAT)
    Availability: The Archer I ergonomic PC mouse is now available from Spire Shenzhen, China. European distribution roll out will commence at the end of November 2013.

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    E come caspita si dovrebbe usare?

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    again........bu?u?b?q s? uo??n?o??? ???........niaga

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