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    [EN] Gelid Solutions Zentree - Smart Flexible Charging Solution

    Androids, tablets, iPhones and iPads. There's bound to be a few at home. Charging them can be a hassle sometimes, and always a mess.
    There are charging stations that organise the cables, but none really solve the problem of multiple devices laying on the table.

    We thought to ourselves; there has to be a better way!
    We created the Zentree just for that purpose! Not only does it handle cable management, but it also provides a soft flexible surface which supports multiple devices of different sizes.
    The top is made of a soft silicone rubber which protects your devices from bumps and scratches. Viewing angle can be customised if you want to watch a movie while it's on the Zentree.

    Potete trovare la campagna di crowdfunding su indiegogo al seguente url:

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    Se ci ficcavano un modulo di ricarica wifi e lo facevano alto la metà era un bestbuy; cosi è praticamente una dock con porte da 2,4A.
    Idea carina ma come sempre gelid si perde sempre via, ogni volta gli manca quel guizzo di originalità imo.

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