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Desuperheater is a device used to cool the steam in a power plant. When steam is used for mechanical power plant such as driving the turbine rotor by expanding across turbine blades, it will be more efficient when the steam is superheated. A desuperheater is a device which lowers the temperature of the superheated steam so that it can be effectively used for heating or other industrial applications. This action is performed by injecting a predetermined amount of water in to the stream of steam flow.

Need of Desuperheater in Refrigeration
The basic principle of refrigeration is the evaporator transfers heat into the refrigerant the refrigerant transfer heat to the condenser then the condenser transfers heat to a cooling medium like water or outside air. The ultimate heat energy emitted from the refrigerators is wasted when it is transferred to the outside air this waste of energy is been avoided by using desuperheater.
Desuperheater absorbs the energy from condenser to utilize the same for other applications.

Nisha Sabnis