Thermaltake sbarca sul 1156

Thermaltake prepara i suoi dissipatori per il lancio dei nuovi processori Intel basati su socket 1156.

Il nuovo sistema di ritenzione sarà interamente "tool free" ovvero senza richiedere l'utilizzo di attrezzi e permetterà di installare il dissipatore in maniera rapida sulla scheda madre senza doverla smontare grazie all'utilizzo dei classici push pin.

Non sono previste invece radicali traformazioni dei dissipatori che continueranno ad utilizzare ventole da 9/12cm con controllo pwm fino ad un massimo di 1700 rpm.
Data di lancio piuttosto insolita ed in piene vacanze : Agosto 2009.

Comunicato Thermaltake:
Be Ready for Intel LGA1156 Processors - Thermaltake Offering a Variety of Solutions
Thermaltake, leading thermal solutions provider, is introducing several advanced cooling solutions for the new and upcoming Intel LGA1156 processors, ensuring users have the best choice right from day one.
The brand new Silent 1156 CPU cooler from Thermaltake is specifically designed for Intel Socket 1156 processors. Installation to the motherboard is easily done with a convenient push-pin mechanism, which for the user is an entirely tool-free procedure. For its silent operation, the 9 cm PWM fan is a treat to the users’ ears. Through the PWM function the fan speed  is automatically adjusted between 800 RPM to 1700 RPM according to the actual work load of the CPU. Furthermore, the side flow design makes the cooler’s air flow an integral part of the overall system air flow inside the chassis. With two 8 mm heatpipes and a mirror copper base heat is transfered away from the CPU to the aluminum fins, dramatically reducing heat development.
In addition the award winning SpinQ and ISGC series of CPU coolers will be getting an upgrade to also support LGA1156 processors. The ISGC series is particularly catering to users who are concerned about noise and are looking for silent solutions, while the SpinQ cooler ideally combines aesthetics with performance. 
When the Intel socket LGA1156 processors are launched, Thermaltake coolers will be readily available for early adapters seeking for the best CPU cooling solution out there.

Official Launch Date: August 2009



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