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Dopo il recente abbandono di Martin del suo lungo progetto che ha incollato molti di noi allo schermo abbiamo deciso di non lasciare andare il tutto nel dimenticatoio ed abbiamo hostato,in accordo con quanto dettoci dal proprietario, interamente il sito martins liquid lab su

Il sito è facilmente accessibile dal menù di sinistra "risorse" oppure dal seguente link:

Queste sono le sue ragioni:

Cost was not the reason, just time and interest. Testing and reviewing takes a tremendous effort if done in detail.

Something like a simple radiator can take as much time as something like this:

-Radiator test bench setup time 1 HR
-Benching 15-45minute warm up per data point and 30 minutes per point at equilibrium to ensure good data. 10 hours total if all is perfect, likely going to foul up a point or two, so 12 hours total.
-Pressure drop setup and testing 1-2 Hrs
-Photography and writing of the review 8 Hrs.

So a single triple radiator can total over 20-24 hours for one radiator. So even if it was a really expensive $150 radiator, you're still making less than minimum wage and that doesn't even cover the electricity for the testing, the testing equipment, or materials used.

That's fine when you're doing it for enjoyment, but over time the recreation in it will go away if you try and push yourself too hard to keep doing it. Then there is the pressure from the sample providers. I've always held firm that I'm going to post or not post (I test it once and that's it unless I've blatantly messed up somehow). I've also always tried to test in the order of stuff I've received. Unfortunately, you'll still get sponsors that pressure you to test their product first. They are holding out on production until you test, or they are going to tweak the design after you're done testing, or whatever reason they can come up with. Then you will get some that won't respond to your emails when you send them less than favorable results, or they will simply question some specific part of your testing method. Some will even question something as simple as a linear caliper measurement you've provided. In context it all just adds to the frustration and confusion on your mission of recreation.

Then there is the fact that nobody and not any one test is perfect. It's very possible to go through all that effort and something simply went wrong. There are things you can do to check your work, but there's always a number of different conditions or methods that may or may not make a difference. All you can do is capture one moment in time, under one set of conditions. The best you can do is noting the testing methods.

I've also done alot of this behind the scenes prototype testing and you really begin asking yourself why you're doing it. Sure it may be helping them produce a better product that the end user will get to benefit from, but is making less than minimum wage to produce unusable data (for the public) really worth it. In the end they are the ones getting financial gain out of your're voluntary work. Again it's one of those short term "feel goods". Wow this is pretty cool, I'm actually making some sort of impact on the product...but again that's short lived. Soon it becomes a "Hey they want me to work for free....yet again!"

For me it was all alot of fun at first. Mainly because I was so curious how things worked. Unfortunately after several dozen CPU block tests, radiators tests, pump tests, and pressure drop tests...that curiosity was gone. Nothing against anyone, it simply isn't interesting for me to do any longer and there's simply no incentive to continue.

The testing incentive of learning, interest, and enjoyment in sharing information was something that simply faded for me over time. Then it was work, and for all practical purposes a donation. Maybe if we all are willing to come together and each donate a little time, the answer really lies in getting more people to test. Sure there will always be that issue of not being able to compare one result with another, but if everyone donated just one 20 hour test result, we'd have alot of good data to discuss and that would be very positive.

The manufacturers can and should provide performance data on their sites, unfortunately that data will always be questioned regardless and they generally stay away from it.

I was at that point of being sick of it several months ago. I only continued because I still had a huge backlog of work lined up. Eventually I simply got to a point where it became something I didn't want anything to do with.

Pulling the site down was my poor way of dealing with my inability to say no. We'll I've finally said no more, but I don't want to take away anything either. So...I've changed my mind and came to a more reasonable means to transition out of the testing hobby and handing off the data that was produced. The information is now public freeware, and I'll shut the site down as things move along down the road. We're very fortunate to have a large number of excellent testers here in these forums and I'd encourage everyone to try and contribute what they can no matter what level of effort or detail.

There's really no "Right" way to test as far as I'm concerned. Any little bit of experience or test result you can share with the community is a contribution, and that is always good and probably the best way to go about this testing thing. Anyone with some time and willing to buy a $10 aquarium thermometer can do some sort of testing.


In esse afferma che l'abbandono non è dovuto ad una questione monetaria ma è causata essenzialmente da una situazione morale/personale dovuta al fatto che la recensione di tali prodotti gli portava via troppo tempo e che la passione che agli albori ardeva in lui pian piano si è spenta.
La chiusura del sito è stata un forma drastica per dire no a tutta una serie di situazioni che si era venute a creare nella sua vita.

Noi possiamo solo dire peccato,perdiamo uno dei migliori tester della storia del watercooling ma come si "suol dire" per un tester che va c'è ne uno che arriva e per questo vi diamo appuntamento a inizi 2009.............!

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