Danger den per le nuove nvidia gtx2*0


Danger Den presenta il nuovo waterblock full cover per le Nvidia gtx 280/260

Designed to provide maximum cooling for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX280 and 260 Video Cards

Il waterblock prende il nome di Tieton e permette la copertura di tutti i circuiti adiacenti alla gpu;ram e sezione di alimentazione incluse.
Il design a singolo slot inoltre permette l'utilizzo del waterblock anche in sistemi sli,triple sli e quad sli.

Peso di 0,68kg e costo di 144$ tasse incluse

Caratteristiche tecniche da dangerden.com:

  • Compatible with reference design GTX280 & GTX260 cards (Palit, BFG, EVGA, XFX, PNY, etc).
  • Fittings are threaded directly into the copper or Lucite top.
  • Uses the additional RAM Pad mounting point for maximum mounting contact
  • Mounting points make contact with the PCB to avoid warping or bending of the video card.
  • Cools all heat generating points on the card - GPU, RAM, Voltage Regulators, I/O Chip and can reduce tempeature by 52C from air reference.
  • Developed for BFG Tech.  It can be purches mounted to the card here.
  • Weight 1.5lbs (0.68kg)


  • High Flow Fat Boy G 1/4 - 1/2", 3/8" or 1/4" OD Fittings and additional SLI Micro Fitting
  • 8 Low Profile RAMsinks for backside RAM cooling
  • Configurable fittings for multiple install options
  • Low flow restriction low pressure drop
  • Stainless Steel Hold Downs
  • Hand Lapped
  • Pressure tested before shipment
  • Complete Block Assembled with Top, Gaskets, and Fittings. 
  • Ships with Hold Down Materials, Thermal Pads, and Ceramique.
  • Please leak test 24hrs upon receipt.
  • Never reuse Air Heatsink Thermal Pads just use the supplied ceramique on the RAM and GPU


A breve saranno disponibili anche i waterblock per Ati 4850,4870 e 4870X2:

4850 Installed 4850 Contact


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